Long term data visualization

I’m collecting data in RRD BD and using Grafana+Graphite for drawing graphs.
I’m collecting data every 5 min but I don’t need such accuracy for some graphs.
For example.

  • I have storage system with few hundreds of drives and few dozens of volumes
  • I need to compare raw capacity + configured capacity + used data during a year.
    raw capacity = sum (all hundreds drives capacity). Changing 1-2 times a year.
    configured capacity = sum (all dozens volumes capacity). Changing few times a month.
    used data = drives pool used data. Changing slowly but every few hours.
    If I’m trying do something like this:
  • scale(sum(storage.DRIVE.*.cap), 9.5e-7)
  • scale(sum(storage.VOLUME.*.cap), 9.5e-7)
  • sum(storage.POOL.*.real)
    It works for 7-10 days max… then it falls with error.
    If I add “summarize(1d,last,false)”. It works for 30 days.
    But I need graph for 1 year. How can i filter data more effective?

    Also I need graphic for composition of several defined storages over the whole year
  • storage 1 + storage 2
  • storage 3 + storage 4 + storage 5
  • storage 6
  • etc
  • sum (storage 1 to 10)
    I may use variables but it’s not convient… any other way I can sum or compare graphs / panels ?