Loki with three scalable targets: read write and backend

The current documentation (v2.9) is quite ambiguous and doesn’t give many details.
It doesn’t cover the scalable deployment with 3 targets, only 2: read and write. Loki deployment modes | Grafana Loki documentation.
There is a migration document to 3 target deployment but it doesn’t go much in explaining.
Migrate to three scalable targets | Grafana Loki documentation
My questions is: How are the roles spread in 3 target deployment comparing it to a 2 target one (aka legacy)? What is the exact role of the backend? Why it was decided to go with 3 target instead of 2 one.
Thanks in advance

There is a open issue on the github repo to add documentation. It has some details in the issue in terms of what components each of the target has:

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Thanks for quick reply. Looking forward to check out new documentation.