Loki Fluentd integration on Openshift


I have a query regarding the integration of Fluentd with Loki.

I want to use fluentd as the log collector on different Openshift/K8s nodes (as a daemonset) and feed those logs to Loki. I have been looking online for any Fluentd configurations in this regard. I am not able to find anything helpful. Can anyone help me with this?

What am I looking for?
A Fluentd daemonset running in a custom namespace on a Openshift/K8s cluster, which is configured properly to tail K8s logs and send them to a Loki instance, which is deployed on the same cluster in another namespace.

Also, all the Helm charts and deployments I have found are on either non-kubernetes platform or the fluentd-Elasticsearch deployments, which is not my requirement. And the only thing I have found in this regard is a plugin, which I didn’t understand how to deploy on the K8s environment.

If anyone has a solution to this then I will be glad for your help or if they have any suggestion, lets discuss that too.