Loki Connection from Windows 11 Host to VMWare Workstation Pro Guest VM

I am a beginner in Grafana. I have no IT background. I am primarily a Data analyst. Work mostly on Tableau.

I have downloaded Grafana VM from Bitnami and am using VMWare Workstation Pro on my Windows 11 machine.

I want to analyze the log of my host machine (Windows 11). So I ran Loki and Promtail on the Windows 11 host machine.

When tried to connect Loki from the Grafana VM, I am getting an error saying " Unable to fetch labels from Loki(Failed to call resource), please check the server logs for more details."

System Info:
Host Machine: Windows 11
Loki - running
Promtail - running

Grafana Info:
Running on a VM in the Host Machine: VMWare Workstation Pro 16
Source: Grafana Virtual Machines

Steps tried:

  1. Added a rule on the Windows 11 host machine firewall to allow incoming and outgoing for Loki port 3100


  1. What is the label mentioned in the error message?