"/loki/api/v1/label" Get Stuck Forever

Hi All,
I am going to setup a loki cluster in simple scalable. But when the cluster up and I try to call api “/loki/api/v1/label?start=” to check if read target is working or not, the api will stuck forever, I try to add the datasource in Grafana, it will stuck in “Test” stage and endup test failed, does anyone meet similar issue?

@welsonyy I’m in the process of standing up a Loki POC and I’m running into the exact same problem. Were you able to figure anything out?

Hi ddreier,
I met this issue when I try to run multiple instances in one machine, after I change to run one instance per machine, this issue is gone, not sure if you are in the same case.

I think I’m experiencing the same thing. If I try to run multiple Monolith instances in a ring, or multiple ‘read’ simple scalable instances I see this behavior. Running multiple write instances seems to be fine.

I guess maybe the full ‘microservices’ deployment is required to run multiple copies of the read components.

Thank you for responding!

I’ve stepped on this out of the blue, and even curl inside of the loki docker container gets stuck with curl . Right now I have no ide how to sole this and loki is totally unuseable.

Well, looks like you have to disable grpc for loki to get rid of this nonsense.
Anyway, grafana doesn’t use it.