Loki 2.4.1 does not start with ingester_config or compactor_config

I’m running Loki 2.4.1 (latest), official docker image. It appears that I cannot use the ingester_config or the compactor_config fields. When I do, loki fails to start, and spits out the following log messages:

line 9: field ingester_config not found in type loki.ConfigWrapper
line 41: field compactor_config not found in type loki.ConfigWrapper

The relevant configuration that I use is

  chunk_idle_period: 15m

  retention_enabled: true

Are these configuration fields only available in a later (non stable) version of Loki, or do I need to make additional settings to make it work?

And figured it out myself:
Although these blocks are called compactor_config and ingester_config, they must be simply called compactor and ingester. Inconsistent documentation ?

  chunk_idle_period: 15m

  retention_enabled: true