Logs are getting hammered with "table_manager [...] creating table"


I’ve set up a Loki instance within a Docker Swarm. The Loki container runs with default settings/no customizations to the config or similar.

The instance generally works fine. Logs are getting stored and can be successfully read from Grafana or similar.

However, when I look into the logs of that Loki container itself it’s getting hammered with this message:

level=info ts=2021-05-09T11:32:26.072466135Z caller=table_manager.go:476 msg="creating table" table=index_18565

Any ideas what could be wrong? Is that intended since everything seems to be working fine?

It’s hundreds of that exact message every second. That seems wrong …


Did you get rid of these logs? Same Problem here :-/

Sadly not. My logs are still spammed by these messages.


Perhaps you can change the loki config in loki.yml as follow

  log_level: error

Fadjar Tandabawana

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Same problem here.
There is an issue, but it is closed. Please comment there.

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