Logs are getting downloaded in reverse order

I am able to view logs in proper order in the Loki dashboard but when going to download logs they are getting downloaded in reverse order only Is there any solution for this problem.
Loki version - 2.9.3
promtail version - 2.9.3
Grafana version - 10.2.3

How are you downloading logs?

If you are using API, you can set the direction of the results. See Grafana Loki HTTP API | Grafana Loki documentation.

I’m not sure if i am using an API or not but i am going to the the logs dashboard that I have created and then on the log panel i click on the 3 dots, click on the “inspect” option then on the “data” option then there is a panel that pops up that gives an option to “download logs”.

I’m completely new to Grafana and hadn’t worked on such solution previously please be patient with me …