Log In says field is empty while it's not the case due to password manager

I’m using the firefox password manager on https://grafana.com/login and it says both the login field and the password fields are empty but they are displayed as filled and are filled by firefox’s password manager.
I need to add a character and then remove it for the login screen to work for me.

Which password manager are you using (or do you mean the built in Firefox one)? And which version of Grafana are you using?

We had problems before but the login page has been rewritten for 5.0 beta and should not suffer from the same Angular forms problem:

I’m using Hosted Grafana, the one hosted at grafana.net. It’s currently running Grafana v4.6.3 (commit: 7a06a47).
I’m using the one built in firefox.

I guess I have to wait for the 5.0 to be available on grafana.net.

Yes, should be soon. The stable release will be in two weeks. But I will test with the inbuilt password manager to be certain.

Can confirm that the login works with the Firefox password manager with Grafana 5.0 beta1.

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