Loading URL Parameters as filters for child dashboard in Grafana


I have setup dashboards to drill down into tables of data, and I would like to load URL parameters passed from the parent on the next panel as filters for that new drill down.

Example Parent has 2019W5 and 2019W6 selected with checkboxes as filters, they are appended as /parent?var-Weeks=2019w5&var-Weeks=2019w6 in the top level parameter list.

How do I pass these parameters and apply them as filters to the child dashboard with the URL parameter list, rather than have the user recheck those boxes? I prefer to use scripted dashboards.

The link to my child dashboard should look like this /child.js?var-Weeks=2019w5&var-Weeks=2019w6

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Hello, there!
Did you solve it?

i would like to know how to do it as well

Any update on this Post or comment