Load/Stress/Soak testing

Hi all,
I have a website for which I would like to run the following tests: load, stress, soak, and spike.
The website has the following processes:
create task
Get a list of tasks
Delete task

My question is, should I run the respective tests on the four endpoints in such a way that the four processes are contained in each test or is it better to just use one endpoint like login or create task to run the test.

Please, your suggestions will be very helpful.

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Hi @festusinvitesu !

Personally, I believe the correct answer depends on your goals :relaxed:

I can recommend some good writing in k6’s documentation like How to Load Test a Website: The k6 Guide or Our beliefs - Load testing manifesto probably that can help to find the correct answer.


Hi @festusinvitesu ,

I think that it dependes on your needs, you have two options UI automation and Protocol automation, each one has advantages and disadvantages so i will share you this post about it https://www.srperf.com/load-automation-ui-vs-protocol/ .

Hope it helps.

Thanks for the feedback, but I guess you understood my question wrongly. I wasn’t sure if I should use UI testing or Protocol testing. My question is: Is it advisable to conduct load testing on a single endpoint or on multiple endpoints?