Litres by time from on and off

I think I Post this in the worng place the 1st time So I moved it her.

Hi I not getting the way how grafana work. So I like to ask you guys to help get me started

So I using OpenHab to run my Sprinkler System when turn on it send data to influxdb as 1 with an time and 0 when it turn off with a time.

so what i like to do is use grafana to tell me how much water was give IN the time.
I have started an graph but shows just 1 every time it turn on and drops when it turn off

what I think with the youtube video’s I have watch that is something to do in Metrics “SELECT” OR “GROUP_BY”

Not that familiar of OpenHab. Do you send to influxdb how much water was given in the time or how have you planned to get that data? Is it maybe some litres per time elapsed?

I have moved away from open hab now I’m home assistant because there was no support here

Okay. So is this topic still relevant?