Linux processes with a "\" in them not showing up in query

Hello! I’m running into an issue where I’m trying to pull processes from our Linux servers in order to track things like: “process count”, “I/O”, “CPU”, etc. I have 2 variables setup using PromQL, and almost everything works, except for the fact that I cannot get any of the processes that contain a "" (backslash) in them which we’d like to see as well as what we are getting.

We’re running Grafana ver 7.5.10 (old I know), on Ubuntu 20.04, Prometheus 2.9.2

Here’s an example of a process running that we’d like to track:

www-user 2059073 2056829  0 16:57 ?        00:00:00 [web] Site\Listener\ApplicantTracking\IndexListener

The “Variables” I’ve setup in Grafana (PromQL queries) that I’m using are:

  1. To allow users to select which server we’re looking at
label_values(up{job="process"}, instance)
  1. To pull the processes (this is what I’m having trouble with)

This pulls back many processes, just not anything that contains a \ in it (like above).

Running a similar query in “Explore”, I get the same results:

sum by (groupname) (namedprocess_namegroup_num_procs{instance="web01"})

Anyone else run into this issue? Any help greatly appreciated.