Linking to a PDF file with alerts

Can we add a link to a PDF file following an alert in Grafana, display the link in an ALERT LIST panel, and allow users to click on the link to open the PDF?

Could you give me a hand with this part, please? Thank you in advance. I am using Grafana version 8.4.

@djially Can you tell us more about the purpose of the PDF file, is it a static URL that you want to use for a single PDF that will apply to all alerts? If that’s the case you could add a link using the Runbook URL annotation.

If it’s more dynamic or you want it displayed in a panel, you can link an alert to a dashboard panel by adding the dashboard ID as an alert annotation. The dashboard link will be included with the alert notification. You could use any panel on your dashboard that would support displaying a pdf URL.

In this sample dashboard URL the bold text after /d is the dashboard ID:

Hello Melori Arrelano,
Thank you very much for your response. I have several alerts that are associated with PDF files stored locally on the computer where Grafana is running. All triggered alerts are displayed in an alert list. I would like that whenever an alert is triggered, the user has the possibility to open the PDF file that is associated with it. I am not yet sure how the opening of this PDF file can be managed, whether it is in a dedicated dashboard or dynamically, so that the user can close it once they have finished consulting it.

Do you have a dedicated file server in your network? Not sure putting those files on grafana server os the route I would go

Hello Yosiasz, thank you for your response. We have a small local server where our equipment is connected, with at least 6 different IP addresses. If your question was whether I can store PDF files on another PC on the same network, the answer is yes.

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Think of it in terms of security and management. does everyone in IT have access to the folder where the PDF resides.
Or is the permission set to you? What happens if you go away on vacation etc

Question to think about long term

Hello Yosiasz, this is an installation for maintenance and an operating procedure. There’s nothing personal about it, except for user assistance, so don’t worry. I want to create something clean, without having a file with endless pages. Do you understand?

How are the PDF files associated to the alert? Is there an event that triggers them to be created? I’m wondering if there is something that could be templated using a label value to create the unique link.

Hello Melori Arellano, thank you for your response. The goal is to trigger an alert when the threshold or fault is reached, and to provide a link to the corresponding PDF file for the user to access. You suggested using the Runbook URL. Is this the only way to proceed? However, I was unable to open the “text.grafana” link you provided as an example. Would it be possible to have a screenshot to illustrate it?