Link-only solution for dashboards?

I’m trying to set up a dashboard in our office using some HDMI dongles that only support loading a simple URL, meaning I can’t login interactively. What I need is being able to just have one url, loading a dashboard with “today so far” timeframe and having indefinite (i.e. not timing out) access.

Here’s what I tried:

  • making a snapshot (a couple days ago), but it seems it’s limited to a certain timeframe, since it’s stuck in having only the dataset from around that day available when I try loading it today. If I use the query params to set date to today, all the graphs will say there’s no data points available.
  • using basic auth to “login” an actual user using the link to the dashboard to try and load that
  • using an API key and basic auth (api_key:xxx@) with a link to the dashboard, same as above

None of this seems to work - am I doing something wrong or is this not a use case that’s supported by grafana?


It’s not possible right now.