Link k6 test execution results with span attributes logged in Open Telemetry

Hey :wave:
I am faced with an interesting challenge while trying to create performance testing framework for event driven service.
Trying to find a way to link k6 test execution metrics (can be limited to scenario name) which we store in Prometheus with span duration which is stored in Tempo. Currently this approach has limitations - namely with Prometheus we cannot narrow down the search to specific span name as it is not unique enough (adding unique naming is not an option as it would cause too high of a load on the DB). In Tempo we can get the metrics but cannot link them with specific test execution details. So instead of looking into ‘standard’ metrics like request/response times we want to get duration of specific span(s). An option would also be to export traceIDs during test execution and query Tempo for them. There will be anywhere from 100 to possibly up to 40.000 requests per test.
Is there anyone who has worked with similar setup? This looks like something that could be doable with Grafana Cloud which we are not (yet) using within the organization but I was wondering if there is another way to set it up as getting approvals for new tooling within the organization could require lots of time and approvals.