Line Notify notification: alert ok, but image and "OK" message missing


I am using Grafana 6.7.4 at home monitoring mainly temperatures of a hand full of devices. Very simple.
I do have notifications working for for email: I get the alert, the “it’s ok again” notification and the graph image.
However when using Line Notify, I get only the alert. No image (beside a link). And no “it’s ok again” notification either.

The test notification does include the test image, so it should work. Email does for the very same notifications.

Anyone with experience on this? Any fix?

Update from myself: Upgraded to Grafana 7.1.5 (in Docker, official image), using the official renderer container. Again, email works fine. Line Notify not.

Reply to myself: Testing Slack and I only get a URL for the image. No image itself. I do get the “OK” message though.

So I dug down into the source code of grafana/pkg/services/alerting/notifiers/line.go and I think I found the error which effectively removed the “OK” notification for LINE Notify.
See for the pull request and (hopefully) for the integration into the main Grafana code.
I built a new Grafana container and it works now as expected: I get alerts and OK notifications. I do not (yet) get an image. Just the URL which works well for me, at least for now.