Legend when all dimensions are chosen


I have a panel, which is using a variable as datasource. When I choose all dimensions(*), the legend is not updated with the appropriate metric name. Instead i just have the dimension name.
When I add a second query to the panel, one item is added to the legend as queryB.

This does not happen when i explicitly choose the dimension (exactly one ) .

any help please?

what do you want to achieve, what is the problem?

Aim: produce a panel having multiple metrics being displayed for different resources. Example , in one graph I would have 2 metrics: records.get_records_latency and records.put_records_latency for all resources(/dimensions) (resource_A, resource_B, resource_C, etc)
This means I would have number_of_resources * number_of_metrics displayed on the graph.
Legend wise it should show. metric1_resource1, metric1_resource2, metric2_resource1, metric2_resource2.

What is your datasource? Prometheus? Elasticsearch?

Prometheus ist eher Dataressource

Cloudwatch is the datasource.

I managed to have a custome alias for kinesis metrics by using {{dimensionname}} {{metric}} . For Example when displaying metric latency for dimensions streamname, i will use alias: {{StreamName}} . {{metric}} which will give me: mystream . getrecords.latency

Now, i’m trying to do the same for Redshift by using ClusterIdentifier, however it is not being recognised.

It seems that the same issue applies to status panel