Legend query letter

Is there a way to remove the query letter from legend list ?
Datasource for query A-F (MySQL) has the letter before alias in legend list.


Datasource G temperature (Darksky) is the way i want it to look.

You’ve tried adding an alias?

I have alias in the query
A looks like this:

I’ve not used MySQL as a source yet but i have a separate “Alias By” field at the bottom of these query tables. Is there something below “Group By”. That’s where i have added it.

Alias BY missing in MySQL query builder.
If I add it in text edit mode the query crashes

When i use time series it does not show the letter.
But im having troubles changing the alias of destination on time series.
Legend shows 0/4/0, i want it to say Batteri 1 tur.

UNIX_TIMESTAMP(last_time) DIV 1800 * 1800 AS “time”,
destination AS metric,
FROM eib_tele_2020_01
destination = ‘0/4/0’
ORDER BY UNIX_TIMESTAMP(last_time) DIV 1800 * 1800