Latest Information From Any ID

Hi everyone,
So, i have a table like this:

How can i organize this table to only show the latest/greater values of B, C, D, E column from each iD number? Something like:
ID / B / C / D / E
10017685 / 365 / 157 / 42.9 / 76
10017809 / 392 / 192 / 49.1 / 167
10017767 / 5.79 / 2.55 / 44.1 / 52


What is the data source for this?

We are using the old version of Influx DB.

please share the query you are using

I just edited this table in “visual editor mode” but after a few tries I got to this query but it only works to find the ID number without it being repeated. When I try to see the value of the other lines they are all unformatted.


leave the original query as is and use transformation Group By

and then add this if you do not like the fact that grafana renames the column with A (max)

Thank you for your help! I tried this right now but found an issue. When i try to put “group by” in the “ID” shows the “NO DATA” info

Why are you grouping by ID?

Sorry, it worked! Thank you so much for your help!