Kerberos npm module

Hi All,
Wanted to check if someone has used implementing the npm modules using browserify as mentioned in Modules

I need to use kerberos npm package for testing.

Kindly advise. Thanks.

Hi @sandyuce, sorry for the late reply,

using npm packages as explained in the url you provided is tested and works albeit sometimes very slowly. For the particular case of the kerberos package, I see that it is a C++ package which … won’t work :frowning: . K6 is not nodejs and is not based on nodejs and making it 100% compliant with the nodejs’s C++ interface will be … let say very hard and time consuming.

Unfortunately I haven’t found a pure javascript implementation of kerberos, and because my understanding of it is near zero I can’t even say if it will be possible to do.
There is apparently some work in that direction, but I don’t have the time or expertise to see if it will actually work.

If you can provide more information maybe we will be able to figure how to make your case work with k6.