Kerberos authentication

We need to load test an application using Kerberos for the authentication. Is there anything that can be done with K6 or I need to choose a different tool?

I’m not sure how Kerberos works when it comes to HTTP… If it’s just a matter of settings some HTTP headers, you might be able to do that in k6. Can you point me to some explanation on the topic, since I didn’t manage to find anything very informative and easy to understand…

This presentation is a bit sparse, but it seems like there are at least 2 different methods, “Kerberos via Basic Auth” and “The “Negotiate” Scheme”. If your case is the first one, then k6 should support it… if it’s the second, we currently support Negotiate for NTLM auth, but it might be relatively easy to add Kerberos support as well - I just can’t find any good information on the topic :disappointed:

I found that my System Under Test supports NTLM authentication too and I am using that at the moment.


I am quite new using K6 for loadtesting. On API’s and some Website’s we use Kerberos authentication to authenticate to te service. Are there any developments for Kerberos integration into K6?