Keep both percentile and count in one table

I am running a load simulation and result is pumping into influxdb and on top of it grafana in configured.
Now in one of the table report I am presenting all the data like median, std dev, 95th percentile etc. In the same table I want to give the pass and fail count for the same transaction. How to do it ? Please refer the image attached and the query attached.

For Jmeter result I am using:
SELECT count(responseTime) as Count, mean(responseTime) as Avg, min(responseTime) as Min, stddev(responseTime) as stddev ,median(responseTime) as Median, percentile(responseTime, 90) as “90%”,percentile(responseTime, 95) as “95%”,percentile(responseTime, 99) as “99%”, max(responseTime) as Max, (sum(errorCount)/count(responseTime)) as “Error Rate” FROM JMeter_Result WHERE $timeFilter GROUP BY requestName

And for pass fail:
SELECT count(“responseTime”) FROM “JMeter_Result” WHERE ((“requestName” =~ /^request/) AND “requestName” =~ /^request/) AND $timeFilter GROUP BY “requestName”, “status”

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Hi @jyoti, similar to yours I need to create a table from time series data to display count, mean 90%ile, 95%ile of the APIs using Prometheus.
How did you create the above table to include to include all these columns?