K6 to render DOM and static files

Can we use k6 for the following ?

UI performance testing for -

  1. Rendering of the DOM elements
  2. Load static files
  3. Measure Execution time of react scripts

Hi @vishal.lanke,

k6 is not a browser, and as such, isn’t currently suitable to do client-side performance testing that looks to measure the performance of code running in the javascript VM. It won’t be able to render any DOM elements, as it has no understanding of the DOM, and won’t allow you to measure the execution time of jsx either.

Here is an article from the react docs that suggests how to measure the execution time of react code.

Hope that helps!


Thanks a lot for your response.
Can HAR helps me a bit ?

Possibly! HAR will capture all API calls made by the browser, so it will likely give you all URL’s you’d need to visit throughout your test. However, it still won’t let you assess client-side performance.