K6 and Okta help with script

Hi, so I have been assigned to look into creating a script that will simulate signing-in.
we use Okta for sign in user: the user experience flow goes something like this:

  1. The user goes to Home Page h t t p s: // w w w . a b c d. c o m
  2. Selects SignIn
  3. Modal shows up h t t p s: // s i g n i n g. a b c d. c o m (okta)
  4. User enters credentials
  5. User is logged in (w w w . a b c d . c o m) with the correct cookies and session

the problem there are some dynamic calls that happen behind the scenes with okta that I’m not sure how to get them. I was wondering if anyone has run into something similar and can shine some light on how to do this.


Hello! All I can really say is that it can be done (chances are it is OAuth 2.0 behind-the-scenes), but we’d need to see a recording to be able to advise on specifics. There’s an article here that might help.

If you are able to share the URL and a test account, we may be able to help you with specifics via support (support@k6.io), but note that this is typically something we charge for as it falls into Professional Services territory.