K6 alias for the metric query

Grafana v9.5.3-cloud.2.0cb5a501 (79bb8e554c)

Hi folks!

Are any option to rename the metric query which I want to display on the graph? I have a test script with a lot of endpoints under the test, and I’ve tagged those methods to easily identify them on the dashboard. So I want to display on the graph p95 metric for each tagged endpoint


Have you looked into Transformation tab and then select Organize Fields

Got error msg, “Organize fields only works with a single frame. Consider applying a join transformation or filtering the input first.” What does it mean?

hmm weird. This is what it would look like wherein you can rename field names. not sure why it pops that message.

Some error in my case

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trying to push some fake k6 test results to influxdb but to no avail. can you provide some sample json test output? (obfuscated)

if you go the data tab you will see you have multiple frames of data.

Sorry, but I don’t get the point… Try to refresh the data in my dashboard, and they infinity loading