Jump to Panel Title

  • What happened?
    Dashboard created with 20 panels. User has to scroll down the page checking each panel title to find the relevant one they are looking for.

  • What did you expect to happen?
    At the top of the dashboard the user can see a list of all panel titles, when they click on one it navigates them directly to the panel.
    Or the user selects a panel title from a dropdown which then navigates them directly to the panel.

Either method is fine, we just need a way to easily find a panel when there are many listed on a dashboard.


Is there any specific reason you have this many panels? Are they all different from one another or are they the same just different data source?

They are slightly different from each other.
For example the dashboard for network details has different panels for packets dropped, packets received, throughput, transmission errors etc.

I would combine them into one then avoid this custom click?

Not really, they wouldn’t be readable. Each host has multiple interfaces, the graphs need to be separate.

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