Join 2 matrix to get interface name

Today i have installed an Dash board, but it does not give me the interface name, i guess this dash board is not for cisco switches or at least the one i am using.

I found the problem
in Graph Matrix it has bellow

in template under interface
Regex : .ifDescr="(.?)",.*

but when i run bellow matrix in Prothemeus the “ifInOctets” , it does not have any values such as ifDescr.

ifInOctets{ifIndex=“10001”,instance=“”,job=“snmp”} 961966007
ifInOctets{ifIndex=“10002”,instance=“”,job=“snmp”} 4328834

the *ifDescr value comes from matrix *ifDescr , so the query in template does not get any values.

ifDescr{ifDescr=“FastEthernet0/11”,ifIndex=“10011”,instance=“”,job=“snmp”} 1
ifDescr{ifDescr=“FastEthernet0/12”,ifIndex=“10012”,instance=“”,job=“snmp”} 1

i think, the way it should be fix is some how join 2 matrix ![network|689x343]

matrix ifInOctets : to get the ifindex number then search this infindex number in matrix ifDEscr to get the interface name

how can i do this ? or is there any other better way ?

then end Goal is to achieve the interface name and show the interface name in the graph!

Please see the attached picture,
i think the problem is “ifDescr=~’$Interface” , its not recognizeing ifDescr inside {}

is not bellow a right syntax?