Istio dashboards - Unknown error during query transaction

Hi! I am trying to get prometheus, kiali and grafana up and running correctly in my testlab running on gke kubernetes and istio service mesh. Promethus is running and Kiali is now showing all network traffic and graphs correctly. I have turned on the grafana integration as well, and the link “view in grafana” on the services in kiali works as expected and brings up the grafana istio service dashboard. However, when I open the dashboard I get a lot of errors saying
“Error updating options - Unknown error during query transaction. Please check JS console logs”.


However, I can see that promethus is working and scraping, as the istio control plane dashboards works fine, also most of the Istio Mesh dashboard. Buyt there are even a couple of panels not showing correecly in the istio mesh dashboard, for instance “Global Success rate” and http/grpc workloads".

Does anyone have any clue and tips on how I should proceed in the debugging? How do I access the “JS Console logs”? I can’t find any interesting in the container logs.


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