Issue with default value in custom editor

I was having some issues with a field config I build, so I stripped it down to the bare minimum and i noticed this very strange behavior:

if I add a completely unrelated field everything works fine inside my custom editor, but as soon as I remove it the default value passed to my Custom Editor (different input) becomes undefined

does anyone know how this can be avoided/fixed?

grafana version: 8.2.5

          name: 'Completely unrelated input',
          path: 'completelyUnrelatedInput',
          defaultValue: 'Completely unrelated input',
          category: ['category'],
          id: 'buttonConfigs.buttonContentConfig',
          name: 'Use icon for button',
          path: 'buttonConfigs.buttonContentConfig',
          defaultValue: defaultFieldConfig.buttonConfigs.buttonContentConfig,
          category: ['category'],
          editor: ButtonIconTextEditor,
          override: ButtonIconTextEditor,
          process: identityOverrideProcessor,
          shouldApply: () => true,