Issue with Data Storage in APKBudy

Hello Grafana Community,

I hope this message finds you all well. I am reaching out to seek some guidance regarding a data storage issue we are facing at our organization, APKBudy.

Issue Description:

We have been encountering challenges with effectively managing and visualizing our time-series data in APKBudy (Mod APKs provider) like FIFA Mobile Mod APK. The current data storage solution seems to be falling short in terms of scalability and performance, making it difficult for us to gain actionable insights from our metrics.

How Can Grafana Labs Help?:

I am aware that Grafana Labs is a leading authority in observability and monitoring solutions, especially with their widely-used platform, Grafana. We believe that leveraging Grafana’s capabilities might be the key to resolving our data storage issues.

Specifically, we are interested in exploring how Grafana can assist us in optimizing our data storage solutions, integrating with various data sources, and creating comprehensive, customizable dashboards for effective visualization.

Request for Assistance:

We would greatly appreciate any advice, recommendations, or insights from the community and especially from Grafana Labs experts. If there are specific resources, best practices, or potential collaborations that could address our issue, please do share them.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. We look forward to any input you can provide.

:Hi @apkserve3,

Thanks for opening this post.

We will need more information such as The data that you would want to monitor and visualize, where it is stored e.g. in a backend Database such as MySQL, Postgres, etc. OR is it in an Excel sheet or CSV file?


Your data storage challenges at APKBudy sound significant. Grafana Labs is indeed known for its observability and monitoring solutions, and leveraging Grafana’s capabilities could be a great step toward resolving en vivo your issues. I recommend reaching out to Grafana Labs directly or exploring their documentation and community forums for tailored assistance and insights. Best of luck in finding a solution that meets your needs.