Isolate series in all Panels of a Dashboard

Hi, I’m fairly new to Grafana and have a question that I can’t believe has never been asked before. However, I cannot find it anywhere, thus I place the question myself.

In my dashboards, there are many panels, each showing a specific metric of all the connected devices (up to about 1700 devices). The deviceIds are tagged, such that the can easily be shown in the legend and tooltip. When I click a deviceId in the legend of a panel, this device is isolated in this panel, looking like this (there are only about 10 devices shown right now):

I would now like that clicking a deviceId in one panel isolated this device in all panels, looking like this:

How do I achieve this or something similar? I was thinking of creating a variable to hold the deviceId, but I don’t know how I can set the variable value by clicking the deviceId. Can you help me?

The data is queried from an “InfluxDB Enterprise Cluster” and I’m running Grafana version v6.1.6.