Is there any way to store Grafana data transforms to be used by other dashboards

Hi Grafana Community!

I coming from Elastic background and something I’m missing is the ability to process data stored to storage layer and saving it so it can be used in several visualizations and dashboards.

I did saw Grafana has data transforms(1), but from my understanding is that data is just transformed on runtime (when Dashboards are evoked or refreshed) and can’t be used by other users and in other visualizations. Am I correct?

Finally, if data transforms runs at runtime, isn’t this heavy computationally speaking? I might be wrong but in general is lighter to retrieve data in desired format from the storage layer.

Thanks in advance.

(1) Transform data | Grafana documentation

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What you say is 100% spot on. But that goes for any sort of visualization implementation layer. The more transfornation the bigger the resource hogging.

I agree one should be judicious on their use but it also depends on the data amount.

That said it behooves the person implementing grafana to use their architectural/performance hat on to think things through before implementing transformations.
In principle this goes for anything you implement technical or otherwise.

Have you find any solution for this question?