Is there any way to disable escaping "<", ">" and "&"? - (\u00xx)

I am using FluentBit + Loki + Grafana stack to follow logs. I need to log XML fragments and search by them sometimes. I can’t find anything with <, > and & because these characters are replaced with \u003c, \u003e and \u0026amp;. Yes, I can search \u003cID\u003e512\u003c/ID\u003e instead of <ID>512</ID> but my Grafana dashboards are used by other people which don’t accept that. I checked FluentBit output and responses from Loki in Grafana and everything indicates that characters are escaped inside Loki. I have tried to make changes in Loki code but I’m not familiar with it and I can’t find the exact place where escaping occurs. I know that this solution wouldn’t be perfect at all but I’m trying any way to make searching by <, > and & possible. I also noticed that there is no problem when I’m passing plain text to Loki - then problematic characters aren’t escaped. Normally I’m passing logs in JSON format so I think that the JSON parser may escape characters. Please, give me any advice on what can I do to solve my problem.