Is there a transformation that will do this?

The formula that I want to use to transform my data is (using Excel nomenclature)


Example: If T = 1625, then the value above would be 0.505791.

Is such a transformation possible using Grafana? I am sure I could use InfluxDB, but I do not want to store the value in the database.

What does EXP do

I hate excel

Returns e to the power of number.

And I see Flux supports this:

Do you have any mysql or sql server in your env? Maybe you van use a function from those products? A fake select that uses such function?


Hello, i’m thinking you can maybe do an approximation of e^x by multiplication as polynome or something, since that you could perform it through basic calculation transformation in grafana i suppose.
I could help with this approximation maybe, how much this have to be exact value ?,Maclaurin’s%20formula%20or%20Maclaurin’s%20theorem