Is there a general forum for discussing IOT related architecture choices?

Hi there,

This question is not directly Grafana related, but I thought that the community here can maybe help me.

We are currently running/developing a sort of IOT platform that uses an Elixir (Erlang) backend and pushes into a Postgres store. There is a frontend that has features like multi-tenancy, visualization (JS graphs), etc.

I now want to test different alternative stacks that we could use where we do not need customized graphs. Ideally this means databases/rules engines/visualization that I could easily integrate programmatically (manage users/roles, handle dashboards, etc).

What comes to mind is: ELK, TICK, Node-Red as rules engine, Grafana, etc.

Iā€™m now looking for a place I could discuss this. E.g. get different opinions on the different stacks, how easy they are to integrate, etc.

Does anyone maybe know a place for these kinds of questions?

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Grafana does integrate seamlessly with those applications I have tested it with TICK and Part of ELK and it seems integrating very well

I have also looked at Node Red and it seems similar to apache Ni FI project drag and drop where you can specify your inputs outputs fu nctions should nt be problem

Make a diagram and visualize your arch before you start deploying so you-you kinda understand and visualize where the pieces fit together I hope that helps