Is the Cloud down?


Hi! I’m in the middle of some work here and I cannot load my dashboard. Is there something wrong on your end or is it me?



502 Bad Gateway



Same symptoms here, errors started with the prometheus datasource proxy and now the whole page returns 502.


Ok, not me then! Thanx for confirming!


Getting errors in creating new instances too. :frowning:


My cloud board does not work either. Can we do smth to fix it or we just need to wait?


We moved from a 502 error to a grafana error:

Failed to get settings

Hopefully, this will be resolved soon.


Getting Grafana / Server Error here as well…


I’ve seen it down like this before but not for this length of time.


I am knee deep in modbus settings and writing for my heat pump at the moment, and not being able to see the visualisation was kind of bad timing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Especially as it keeps getting colder outside… Let’s hope it wakes up soon so I can see what I’m doing!


Also getting the 502 Bad Gateway message as well.
Anything from the Grafana team?


Same issue here. Hopefully they get it going soon



Thank you mefraimsson! Hope it gets solved soon!


Hello - could we have an update on the resolution of the server issue?


Hi, we are still having issues with hosted grafana, are there some issues we should be aware of? Graphs are taking a very long time to appear and very often go blank with errors


Agree, seeing the same thing.


@timnoat, are you still having the slowdowns? I still have them from time to time. Right as i write this now for example


@thingwizard This seems fine right now for us I’m afraid!


Ok, thx for the report! What server are you on? I’m US Central I believe.