Is 'public' a reserved word in Grafana?

I have two instances of queries in grafana that don’t work (but they work directly to InfluxDB using chronograf).

SELECT mean(“latency_average”) FROM “cloudwatch_aws_elb” WHERE (“load_balancer_name” =~ /^.-public-./) AND timeFilter GROUP BY time(__interval), “load_balancer_name” fill(linear)


SELECT mean(“latency_average”) FROM “cloudwatch_aws_elb” WHERE (“load_balancer_name” = ‘sxe-appserver-public-elb-sxe80’) AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time(1m) fill(null)

The similarity is that they both contain the word “public”. When that word (public) is in there, the queries error out. If I change it to ‘publi’ or something that doesn’t actually spell out the word ‘public’, it does work.

Both queries work fine when executing them directly against my InfluxDB using Chronograf. So, seems like Grafana is treating ‘public’ as a reserved word or something.

Grafana 6.2.6, InfluxDB 1.7.7

You didn’t provide the error :frowning: so how we can know what is failing. Generally, work with query inspector and check what Grafana is requesting and what is receiving.

Via query inspector, nothing is returned. Just the temporary pop up that says “internal error”. Using fiddler, it’s getting a 401 error from the grafana api.

Using our newer 6.6.2 system, this doesn’t appear to be an issue anymore.