Is notifications intentionaly not exported together with dashboard?

Hello. Just wanted to ask if I am missing something or was it done intensionally or it is a bug not to include currently configured “notifications” on JSON that is ready to be shared with other grafanas?

“name”: “Some alert”,
“noDataState”: “ok”,
“notifications”: []

even thou it does have notifications?

I think there should be a checkbox on Share -> Export to either include or skip notifications.

My use case is that I can only access dev environment of grafana in our company and have to prepare dashboard for DevOps to import it into production Grafana environment.

If a reliable member of comunity would confirm that this is a bug / shortcoming - I would try to implement the functionality by myself.

I’m (my workplace) using Grafana v4.6.2

Since the json refers to notification channel DB ids they cannot be included in dashboards shared publicly. And the thinking is that for shared dashboards the person importing will and to set their own notifications

Thanks for reply.
Still I think, that empty notifications array is a bit confusing.