Is Loki 2.0 the tool of choice for generating timeseries, cumulative totals and grouping in large datasets?

Hi everyone,

We need to visualise business data of an web application in Grafana.
The data in the application is in Mysql. Simple evaluations directly with Mysql as data source are no problem in Grafana.

There are problems at two points, groupings of large amount of data or the creation of cumulative totals are quite slow and the creation of time series is not directly possible.

Loki 2.0 may be the right tool with the ad-hoc metrics, for me it is about evaluating if these cases can be implemented with Loki at all.

More concrete examples:

  1. data with start and end date: generation of time series

A chart is needed that shows the sum of active data records at the time.
Since variables/filters are to be integrated, a complete pre-evaluation is not possible. We guess for the chart a time series with e.g. 15 min interval must be generated out of the start/end timestamps.
At first glance Lokis new “Unwrapped Range Aggregations” look like the perfect tool for this task.

  1. cumulative totals
    Financial turnovers in the application should be summarised by month or year (no problem, also with Mysql), as well as shown as history chart.
    For a selected time range, the turnover that has already occurred up to the beginning of the time range must be included.

We would be very grateful for any comments on whether Loki is the right tool and whether it is worth getting familiar with it.
Hints on other storage engines for these use cases (Graphite, Influx, …) are also welcome.

Kind regards,

Dan & John

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