Is labels like instance or k8s pod_name have too high cardinality for Loki

I’d like to use k8s pod_name label for dashboard template variable but values of such labels (like pod name or instance IP) changes over time with each container restart, so I bother is these labels safe to add to Loki without having issues because of high cardinality.

Amount of pods/instances running at same time is low (few dozens), but they may change several times a day because of deploying new service versions.

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Yes those are accepted/standard labels that you must have in order to create a unique stream for the source, same as in prometheus. You just want to avoid additional high/unbound cardinality after that. You might have a use-case where you can’t avoid it, but the Loki team advises you to be really careful about adding those.

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I am having the same problem with you. Glad to head that it’s a standard label to use in Loki.