Is it suported to create compound metric in Grafana and how?

I hope the subject is clear enough.
A bit more explanation of the question here.

The use case is like, multiple queries are defined for traffic on different nodes, and a compound metrics is needed for the sum of all the traffic metrics.
In other use cases, it could go beyond just sum up. And what’s to be shown in the graph is just ONE metrics, not all the original queries.

Is this use case supported by Grafana, instead of some code running outside?
Could anyone enlighten me?

Hi @chaoszhuo I think what you might be looking for is part of the Transformations feature that is now available in Grafana 7+

@samcoren Thanks!

I think I missed your reply earlier.

I checked the “transformation” document. It seems it still can’t serve my use case, which seems simple. That is I have two metrics, A ranges 1-100, B ranges 1-10; I want to have a chart shows (A+B*10)/2. Is this possible?