Is it possible to plot multiple data of redis?


I want to plot multiple data of Redis on a graph.

I set hash data on redis like this.
key : hoge

I want to plot all data on a panel and monitor by streaming but can’t.

It can’t plot all data on a graph when I try to get multiple data(used by “hmget” command).

I want to plot like this.

Is it possible?

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Hello @kamadaharu, my name is Mikhail and I am one of the developers of Redis Data Source.
I have a similar question regarding plotting hash data on the graph using the HGETALL command.
Could you please open a feature request to support the HMGET Command to plot on the graph panel:
Thank you.


I have similar question. I’m working using redis’ lists, in my case I get the value using (CLI) “LRANGE key idx idx”, I can’t chart it but I can see in a table.
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Nelson, thank you for submitting the issue. I will take a look and get back to you shortly.