Is it possible to create traditional reports such as annual sales by region?

Hi everyone,

I’m newbie at grafana. I want to create traditional reports such as annual sales by region.
Is it possible?


This does not sound like the right tool for the job, to me.

Grafana is focused on time series data, and mainly on representing that
graphically. If that is what you want, then I have simply misunderstood your

Maybe if you explain in a bit more detail what you mean by “traditional
reports” so we have some idea of what you expect such a report to look like,
we might be able to advise further.



Hi Antony,
I’m an Oracle BI consultant actually. Sometimes we need small reporting needs and license fees are very high for most of customers. I’m looking for free, sqlite db sopperted, with embed option to web page and iframe supported tool for small reporting needs.
One case scenario:
Our customers takes some offers daily. End of the day they want to know which company take how many offer.

Company_Name Offer_Count
Company A 80
Company B 85
Company C 78

Reports are generally that simple. Metrics are usually counts.