Is it possible to create a custom local log file?

I want to write some information to a local file. For example, strings like:
“VU: 1, Iter: 1, Value1: some value from test, Value 2: another value”.

How can I do this? Because it seems, that common js methods of writing to file don’t work here


Currently there is no way to write to files from the script. This also is probably not going to change as it both a security and portability issue when working with distributed systems.

You can look at issue 666 (:smiling_imp:) for a possible work around. In the upcoming week we should release a new version which will also have a way to redirect the console to a file through a cli flag until than you can build go from master or use the docker imaged tagged with master.

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Where can I find any information regarding the upcoming release of this feature and when it’ll be possible to use it?

We’ll fully update the release notes today, and officially release k6 0.24 later today or tomorrow. Until then, the feature is available via the master tag of the k6 docker image: Docker