Is it possible to change the automatic x-axis time buckets when changing the time interval?

I would like to see 1h time buckets for a 24 hour period (“Today” in time picker), 1d time buckets in a 7d period (“This Week”), 1d bucket in a month, 1 month bucket in a year, and 1 year bucket in a > than 1 year period. Is this possible to do in such a way where if I simply choose my time range at the top the panel will just show these intervals and buckets based on what I’ve chosen? As of right now it seems like it depends on the size of my graph.

1d w/ 1h bucket seems to work well as long as i group by (1h) or use my time temp variable (Interval)


1w w/ 1d bucket has a higher granularity than I would like. Is showing just 7 days not possible?

I would add monthly/yearly images here but apparently I’m only allowed 2 :(. Monthly does not show per month, it cuts each month into 2 sections, and yearly shows monthly per year.

I’ve tried playing around with including the custom template variable interval and it helps but only with the size of the bar/ grouping of the data. Also after doing some light research, it seems like doing this visualization with the x axis as “series” would be a good method. However, that means I have to convert my data into something that returns a series per hour,day,month,year? Would this method allow me to have only one panel? Or would this require me to have many panels?