Is it possible to avoid caching evalMatches data ?(alert api)

My question is regarding to the alert API. Some context here:

Important Note: “evalMatches” data is cached in the DB when and only when the state of the alert changes (e.g. transitioning from “ok” to “alerting” state). If data from one server triggers the alert first and, before that server is seen leaving alerting state, a second server also enters a state that would trigger the alert, the second server will not be visible in “evalMatches” data.

I use data from evalMatches in third-party integration. Cached values are undesired behaviour and I have to send a “pause/unpause” api call to clear cache. Unfortunately, this workaround break native grafana notifications (recovery messages). Is it possible to avoid caching or clear cache in other way?


I would suggest you post a request for enhancement on the github page.

Good Luck