Integrating Cisco Webex Teams Messaging to Grafana alert rules(Grafana: v10.2.2)

Hi everyone,

could someone help me with configuring grafana so that it can send the messages cisco webex space? I’m totally stuck and can’t find anything that would made it happen and sorry for my poor english.

Thank you!

I got it working like this:


  1. Create WebEx Bot
  2. Create Team/Space in WebEx and add the Bot
  3. Create Grafana Contact Point and enter Bot and Space IDs


1. Create WebEx Bot

  1. Visit [Build - Bots | Webex for Developers|Build - Bots | Webex for Developers]
  2. Login with your WebEx Account
  3. Click on “Create Bot”
  4. Fill in the Bot Information and save it
  5. On the next page save the Access Token ID and Bot ID that is shown (If you forget the Access Token ID you can generate a new one on the Bot Info page)

2. Create WebEx Space

  1. Open WebEx and create a new “WebEx Team”
  2. Create any space you like or use the default General/Allgemein space
  3. Add the Bot as a member of that space
  4. Open the WebEx API Documentation Pages and find the “List Rooms” API.
    [Rooms - List Rooms | Webex for Developers|Rooms - List Rooms | Webex for Developers]
  5. Login with your WebEx Account.
  6. You can execute the API on the docs page, use the Bot AccessToken as BEARER to execute it and it will list all Rooms the bot is a member of with the IDs.
  7. Find the “ID” of the room you want to send the messages to and save it

3. Add Grafana Contact Point

  1. Create a new Contact Point in Grafana of Type WebEx
  2. Enter the Access Token ID and Room ID
  3. Save & Done