Integrated Jane Database to Grafana8 for seismic data visualisation

Hello there,

I am using Grafana (8.1.15) to visualize seismic data, which are stored locally using a JANE database and the mseed-format for the data. So far I couldn’t add it successfully as a data source. I know JANE relies on PostGreSQL on some level, but don’t know how to post queries for this case exactly. Any ideas? Would be highly appreciated!


hi @andreasbrotzer

I can’t say too much here. According to the JANE docs it looks like they have a REST API interface:

Have you tried pulling data out of JANE and into Grafana using the JSON API datasource?

Really couldn’t say if you could interface this using the default Postgres datasource that ships with Grafana. Have you tried JANE support channels?

Hi @mattabrams

thanks for your reply. Have to check out the REST API. Didn’t work with it before.

Why should the JSON API as datasource work? I contacted JANE support. They also hinted towards the REST API. Eventually it depends if Grafana can handle .mseed files (seismic data) as well…

Cheers, Andreas

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