Installing Grafana to Red Hat 5.6

Hello. I can’t start grafana 5.0.4 onRed Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.6 after install. RHEL 5.6 supported by grafana?
Error after runing is “Segmentation fault”

Yes, it should work on RHEL 5.6. Can you provide the whole error with the stack trace from the Grafana server logs.

Thank you for your reply. The grafana server log wasn`t created. “Segmentation fault” thats all.

  1. What settings do you have in your ini file for logging? This setting is for where the logs are created and the log mode setting configures whether a file is created or if it is just logged to the console.

  2. Can you describe how you installed Grafana?

  3. If you run the grafana-server executable from the command line (located in the bin subdirectory), what output do you get then?